Monday, November 29, 2010

The Most Diffiicult Journey

I find that the most difficult journey while where are here on Earth is the one of developing our character.

We can learn all the skills and techniques to "succeed" in this life physically. Education for the big job. The big job for the cars and big house.

But to succeed in this life Spiritually, well that is another story.

And our character is just that, the execution of our Spiritual Self.

The only glimpse that anyone has into the heart of us.

And our hearts contain the gauntlet, for Eve so set forth the knowing of all things. Thus, in our hearts of hearts is all that is dark and all that is light.

We have a book, a book written for us out of Love. A book that helps us every step of the way, should we choose to use it.

That God came here to Earth as Christ and experienced the flesh and all that we battle with. He came to understand.

And once he understood, what did he do? He forgave us in the most inexplicable way and sacrificed Himself and His son so that we would have a way. A way through this life that helps us withstand the dark. That helps us walk in His light.

Jesus showed us the ideal character. He showed us the potential in ourselves.

I must go for now. I will write again soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am reading another book. I seriously need to create a book list. Each new book BLOWS my freaking mind. Every one of them have been meant for me to read. And the order in which I have read them was absolutely necessary. And they interweave so miraculously it cannot be a random occurrence of coincidences.

Let me illustrate this small proof. Our son's name is Aquila. A rare name, a rare son. Tonight, whilst reading this book Ascent of a Leader, what should I happen to read. His name. Spelled exactly how we spell it.

I told my husband a few months ago that I was meant to read this book. I found it randomly in the basement while cleaning out some boxes. I had never seen it before so I asked him about it. It had been given to him at a Bible study. I told him then, it is meant for me to read.

Tonight, I showed him just how meant it was. Aquila? Really, can this be found in literature often?

I will take the time, I will compose all these books and interweave their significance together.

Goodness, let me get to my point. I am utterly torn at the moment as to whether I should continue to pursue my art or if I should begin pursuing this.

Writing these things that are freaking ravaging my insides. I quake with revelations right now. Revelations I feel nauseatingly compelled to share. There's no other way to describe it. There is this deep nagging in my being that makes me tremble and shake.

I type here, time upon time. It seems I type into space. I thank my 1 follower for following. I suspect have 1 or 2 other followers who do not directly follow me, I thank you too.

What do I want? Not fame, not fortune, not success, not recognition.
I want to heal. I want to enable others to heal themselves.
I know that pain. That tear shrieking pain. Caused by isolation. Fear that no one loves you for YOU. That no one knows you for YOU. I battle with it too. So fiercely.

Let me step back here. God knows that me. Christ knows that me. And despite it ALL loves me just the same. How comforting.

Why is something so comforting so easy to loose sight of?

We Are Meant : Excerpt III

We are meant to expose and be exposed.

To stand naked before the rainstorm. That rainstorm being the views and critiques from others. The truths we fail to see in ourselves.

My most difficult struggle. Letting go. "BE"ing. Allowing you to see ~ me.
I am dreadfully afraid. For, I am not even sure if I see myself. How can I let you see me without being prepared?

Such is the nature of this course. For true humility, true compassion, true grace comes from this nakedness. Stripping all the facades, all the preconceived notions. Layer after layer after layer.

It's tiring! It's tiring to walk around with all these layers on. All these protective barriers.

It hurts you know. It hurts to open up that little place in the middle of my chest. That place where ALL LIFE resides. My furnace, my fuel source.

But wait, alas I see. You have that same special place in you that you protect dearly. I see, we are NOT so different. We are NOT so alone.

I will let go. Here forth doth fell my layers. My heart now exposed to the unknown path of this spiritual nakedness.

May His light inflame me. Light my way. Walk with me friend. Let us be free.

Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Avoid Getting Sick (for the rest of your life)

This is a critical post here. I want to share what I have discovered. I cannot guarantee you'll NEVER get sick again. I will say that you should notice a DRAMATIC decrease in the frequency of your colds if you apply ALLLLLLL these things to your routine. (Unless you have an auto-immune deficiency or any type of medical condition that affects your immune system.)

FIRST OFF, if you drink or smoke and plan to continue to do so, stop reading here you're wasting your time.

Smoking and drinking alcohol takes a devastating toll on your immune system and the method outlined below is simply not enough to help you heal your immune system if you are catching a cold. The most likely reason that you are catching your cold is because your immune system is so run down from the constant destruction you are inflicting upon it. (Hey, I know I'm being harsh but I can be because I have been there and done that and don't do it anymore)


Now that the disclaimers are complete on to the good stuff.


Notice the early warning signs (any or all of these signs may be apparent):

1) A loss of taste (is your favorite meal not tasting so good to you today? You're trying to get sick!)
2) Loss of appetite
3) An increase in sneezing (often occurring with a strange tingle in the back of your throat and/or nasal cavity.
4) Strange tingling in the back of throat and/or deep in the nasal cavity (without sneezing)
5) Slight increase in irritability and/or slight depression


Immediately, and I do mean immediately. Stop consuming carbs and/or sugar of any kind.
Do not finish drinking that coke or sweet tea. No nibbling on ritz crackers. Quit the bread, pasta, and potatoes. STOP~~~ If you even think it might be a carb or simple sugar, then don't eat it/drink it!

Next, you'll need to invest in some of these: (again consult your doctor about taking these)

EmergenC energy packets

The best packets are the immune defense with Zinc which can be purchased here:"

If you can't get those then get the regular vitamin C ones are almost just as good (they just take a little longer to fight off the bug):


Let's regroup now. So you've noticed you are starting to get sick. You quit consuming sugar. Now what do you do with these energy packets?


Mix 1 packet with 8oz of orange juice. Try to make sure you use orange juice, though water is also an option. Sprinkle the packet in the top of the orange juice and stir SLOWLY to allow the fizzy affect to take place. DO NOT PUT THE PACKET IN FIRST AND THEN POUR IN THE JUICE. It will hinder the effects of the solution. I know this from experience and it will make the drink less effective on boosting your immune system.

Okay, you need to drink this drink. It is packed with immune building minerals and zinc. It's like steroids for your immune system! And it kicks-@ss!


GET SLEEP. I cannot stress this enough. I do not know why this is the hardest step to follow for people. But listen, when you sleep at night your immune system rebuilds itself. If you do not give your immune system the time it needs to rebuild, then when you wake up you are running on low which will only tax your immune system further.
If you do not want to get sick, SLEEEEEEP. Turn the off the phone, cancel your plans. Ask your wife or husband to watch the children so that you can retire to bed early. Sleep is your BEST defense to what ever bugger is trying to have it's way with you. That coupled with the emergen-C packets and you are well on your way of beating that bug!


Start your well rested morning off with protein. PROTEIN. We're talking eggs and bacon. Again, avoid carbs and sugar. Eat chicken for lunch. Salads are just fine too (although you need to pass on the dressing, many dressings contain high fructose corn syrup which can derail your efforts on avoiding catching that cold and the heavy oils will slow your immune system as your body processes them). PROTEIN has immune building properties which keep that ole immune system running smoothly during the day! Take advantage of them!


Repeat these steps for as many days as you need to until you notice your early warning symptoms are gone. In my experience, usually 24 hours is all I need. And for those particularly stubborn buggers, up to 36 hours.


Sometimes those little bugger colds can sneak in so swiftly that you can miss the early warning signs. At which point your early warning signs tend to be the sore throat or runny nose or both.
Welp, as long as you get started on this regimen immediately, you can still bat that bugger! In those cases where this has happened to me, I still started my emergen-c and protein and was able to get the sore throat/runny nose to go away within 24 hour with a max of 36 hours. (Though I must disclaim your results may vary)

Also, on particularly stubborn cold wanna-bee's I would take 2 energy packs in a day, one immune defense and a regular vitamin c packet. (I would not recommend 2 immune defenses in a day because of the Zinc content).

So those are my little ole notes on what I do to bat off those colds and buggers. And I've been using this method for over 7 years and have eliminated 95% of the frequency with which I use to catch a cold. I can't guarantee that this method will completely eliminate your colds 100% of the time, but I believe with more practice and awareness and discovery, I will find all the steps necessary to do so. I believe our bodies are incredible and that it is possible to take care of our bodies in such a way as to completely eliminate any chances of catching a cold. It can be done! And believing this is, of course, the first step to realizing this vision!

Thank you for reading! Give my method a try and let me know your results!

The Big Bad Flu Season -Hmmmmm

Here is my ole little solution to the big bad flu season. CONSUME LESS SUGAR!!!

I believe the reason the flu is so rampant this time of year is we humans begin a seasonlong consumption of sugar! Starting with Halloween. Then you have Thanksgiving. Pies, cakes, cocktails...then comes Christmas. More pies, cakes, and cocktails. Oh don't forget New Years! Cocktails, anyone? Then we take a little rest in January only to jump on that sugar roller coaster again for VALENTINES!! Mmmmm, Chocolate. And to wrap it allll up let's not forget Mister Easter Bunny!

Don't want the flu? Try to limit your sugar intake, especially high fructose corn syrup intake.

Now, for a really interesting post. I will share my self-proven way to practically abolish getting sick for the rest of your life. Curiosity peaked? Good. I'm not joking around no matter how hokey my post sounds.


Monday, August 30, 2010

We are Meant -Excerpt II

We are meant to walk in the forest.
Trees are connected to Heaven and Earth.

Their energy is balanced.

When one walks through the forest one's energy is allowed to balance.
It's like a tuning fork.
The trees hum of oneness and as we walk through our bodies begin to resonate the same frequency.

Walking through the forest is also another vital way to calm one's storm of the mind.

The storm of the mind can be quite fierce and unrelenting.
Alas, with the forest one can have peace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are Meant -Excerpt I

We are meant to gaze upon the sky.
The quickest way to pull oneself out of the storm of one's mind is to glance upon the sky.